Blue Ribbon Guide Staff

John Gospodarek

John Gospodarek —

John's life long fly fishing adventure began in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Fishing with Dad,(sometimes from his shoulders in the deep spots.) and his mentors from the North Conway, Saco River chapter of TU. After he finished his schooling,John moved to Vermont . It was there that he began his guiding. In 1984 he fished the Madison for the first time. That day led to a life long love affair. John relocated to West Yellowstone for good 25 years ago. In that time he has done thousands of guide trips on the Madison and the surrounding rivers and lakes of Montana and Yellowstone National Park. In the late 1990s John caught the salt water bug and spent the next 12 springs chasing, and catching, giant Tarpon. A distraction to be sure, but oh what a distraction! John lives on Horse Butte with with his wife Lanie and four kids. He plays in a blues band. He is on the school board. For fun, he likes to go fly fishing!

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