Blue Ribbon Guide Staff

Ivan Miller

Ivan Miller —

Ivan’s hometown is Albuquerque, New Mexico. When asked how he got into fishing he answered, “Worms, just like every other kid.” He started guiding in West Yellowstone in 2003. He’s been guiding for Blue Ribbon since 2008. When Ivan leaves the shop in the morning, there’s no telling where he’ll be guiding. He’s just as likely to take his clients on a wade trip as a float trip. They could be fishing in Montana, or in Yellowstone National Park. He’s a quiet, humble person. You can’t tell that he has a ton of fishing experience just by chatting with him. You have to go fishing with him to understand. In addition to fishing the West he has fished and guided in South America. He is one of the few anglers that enjoys streamer fishing a little more than dry fly fishing. When off the water Ivan is usually hunting or mountain biking. He spends his winters in Albuquerque, working in a fly shop and tying commercially.

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