The Ultimate Gift — $1,345.00

The Burkheimer 9ft 5wt Vintage DAL rod offers a super smooth action and protects fine tippet as well as any rod on the market today. The rod loads well at close range yet has enough punch to throw a long line when needed. Couple this with the silky smooth drag of a Hatch 4 Plus reel and you have a match made in heaven. The Airflo Elite fly line is a great do everything line. Fine enough in the tip for presenting dry flies and has enough mass for light to medium nymph fishing. If you're looking for the ultimate set up for the Madison along with most other western rivers, look no further. You have reached Nirvana! For a limited time we will sweeten the deal by throwing the Airflo line and a BRF $100.00 Gift Card free of charge. (gift card cannot be used towards the purchase of the outfit)