Super Squirrel - Natural — $2.99

New for 2019! We love fishing small streamers here at BRF. We’ve often found that even though most anglers will tend to fish larger patterns in hopes of hooking a monster, the majority of fish will respond better to a smaller streamer in a wider variety of conditions. It’s still a sizable meal to a trout, but not so large as to turn off less aggressive fish. We first tied the Super Squirrel to fill this niche, and it has been a home run.

The natural color scheme on this fly has proven effective both on the strip and dead-drifted on local rivers like the Madison and Firehole, particularly during early season in high water. It’s also a great leech and minnow imitation for stillwater anglers, and it will take fish on local lakes like Hebgen and Quake, especially right at ice out. Size 8.