Super Squirrel - Claret — $2.99

New for 2019! We love fishing small streamers here at BRF. We’ve often found that even though most anglers will tend to fish larger patterns in hopes of hooking a monster, the majority of fish will respond better to a smaller streamer in a wider variety of conditions. It’s still a sizable meal to a trout, but not so large as to turn off less aggressive fish. We first tied the Super Squirrel to fill this niche, and it has been a home run.

Reminiscent of old steelhead patterns, this color scheme is all about the swing. It’s been a great choice over the last few seasons when fishing for fall runners, fooling many big browns and rainbows while swinging through the Madison’s classic runs. The hook is stout enough to hold the big fish that tend to hit this fly hard, so be sure to use stout tippet! Size 8.