Razor Mayfly - Pink Lady — $2.50

New for 2019! We’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with adding foam to some of our dry fly patterns to help improve floatation. Aaron’s Razor Caddis was the first for us, and his new Razor Mayfly is the next step in that process. The foam body on the Razor Mayfly won’t soak up water and will help keep the fly floating, even in tiny sizes.

The Epeorus mayfly has become one of the major summer hatches on the Madison over the last decade, and our guides will often fish a pink fly more than any other color during the month of July. The Pink Lady Razor Mayfly took many trout for our crew this past summer while both float and wade fishing, and it proved to be effective both during the daytime and in waning evening light. It floats well in rough and tumble pocket water, and the white wing makes it easy to see. We’ve also had great success using it as an attractor on smaller creeks all across the region. Size 16.