Hi-Vis Callibaetis Spinner — $2.50

New for 2017!! Hebgen Lake is arguably one of the finest dry fly fisheries in the Yellowstone area, and Callibaetis mayflies are the main insect on the trout’s menu for the majority of the season. Big trout rise daily to these insects during their late-morning spinner falls, and as the number of insects increases, the fish also become increasingly selective. It is not uncommon to see so many natural spinners on the water that it is virtually impossible for the angler to distinguish their fly from all the others, and it is imperative to be able to see your fly easily to detect a take. We’ve developed this simple fly to help solve this problem, as the orange post is easy to see amidst a sea of naturals, and it provides just the right silhouette to fool those big, picky trout.

Be sure to head over to our HOW-TO page to check out our step-by-step video for tying this fly: http://www.blue-ribbon-flies.com/how-to/hi_vis_callibaetis/