Grouse & Pink Soft Hackle — $2.99

Over the last few years, the run of fish out of Hebgen Lake into the park has been very strong, and with fish averaging about 18”, the fishing has been superb to say the least. Pink has been a great attractor color over the years, and when Aaron brought us a few of these flies to try for the fall spawners, we knew we would have great success swinging up some big fish with it. These big lake-run fish are notorious for preferring bright, colorful flies, especially as the season progresses and the weather worsens in October, and we caught plenty of fish with this fly right up to the end of the park season. Make sure to swing this fly through your favorite runs this fall, and we’re confident you’ll tie into some beautiful fish! Size 8 This fly is tied with Uni-Stretch Fuchsia!