BRF Fly Selection - Attractors — $64.99

Every summer, we spend a ton of time fishing attractor dry flies, and we are excited to offer a selection of our favorite, time-tested attractor patterns. We’ve all had trouble seeing our flies on the water due to low light or failing eyesight, and all of these flies are highly visible and easy to see in nearly any situation. They all float extremely well, and will eliminate the need to use a whole bottle of Frog’s Fanny to get them floating again. Best of all, these flies will work on trout anywhere, not just in Montana. We’ve fished them all over the country with great success, and we’re confident they can work well for you on your home water, as well as your next trip out west.

This selection includes two each of the following dozen patterns, labeled and organized in a BRF fly box: Royal Wulff Cripple, Purple Haze, Yellow Stimulator, Gold Chubby Chernobyl, Adams Cripple, Royal Trude, Purple Cripple, Pink Cahill Foam Parachute, Olive Summer Stone, Para-Wulff Adams, Ausable Wulff, and Olive Amy’s Ant.