BRF Fly Selection - Lamar Valley — $64.99

The Lamar valley in Yellowstone National Park is one of our favorite areas. Amazing scenery, excellent hatches, and sizable cutthroat trout combine to provide the quintessential Yellowstone angling experience. Each year, the trout here seem to get just a bit more selective, meaning that choosing the right patterns is more crucial than ever. This selection of time-tested dry flies will cover all the hatches you are likely to see on the Lamar river, Slough creek, and Soda Butte creek throughout the season. You’ll be ready for any scenario you might encounter, and those big, rising cutthroat won’t stand a chance.

This selection includes two each of the following dozen patterns, labeled and organized in a BRF Fly Box: SLS Sparkle Dun, Hi-Vis Parachute Rusty Spinner, Heptagenia Cripple, Slough Creek Baetis Sparkle Dun, Green Drake Sparkle Dun, Grey Drake Foam Spinner, Drake Mackerel Cripple, Drake Mackerel Emerger, Improved Zelon Midge, Longhorn Beetle, Thunder Thighs Hopper, and Cinnamon Flying Ant.