2019 Fly of The Month Club — $69.99

The Fly of the Month Club has been a lot of fun for us over the past number of years and we think very beneficial to past members. These are a combination of new flies that we are working on and in the process of testing, as well as an occasional old pattern that we have rediscovered. Many of these patterns become new additions to our fly bins each year.

The first mailing of the year will ship in mid-January and will include a set of tying instructions for our 2019 new flies. After that, around the first of each month you’ll receive a new cutting-edge pattern, complete with a detailed photo, tying instructions, and a sample fly. If you are an avid fly tyer, this program will be a lot of fun for you, and even if you are not but know someone who loves to tie, this makes a great gift as well!