Bucky’s Klinkhammers - Zebra — $2.50

A few seasons ago, Bucky began experimenting with Klinkhammer style dries for both Baetis and midges, and eventually settled on this simple design to match both insects. After testing these patterns in the years since, they have earned a permanent spot in all of our boxes here at BRF. They float well due to the parachute hackle, and they are also quite easy to see on the water thanks to the fluorescent orange post. Most importantly, though, they are simple and easy to tie, and the fish will often take them over any other pattern in our boxes. We have fished these flies on local rivers like the Firehole, Madison, and Henry’s Fork with great success, and have also done very well with them on other Montana rivers like the Missouri and Bighorn. If you’ve been searching for a midge or Baetis pattern that is easy to see and floats well, look no further and give this fly a try.