BRF Fly Selection - Firehole River — $64.99

Few trout rivers are as beautiful and iconic as the Firehole River in Yellowstone Park. The unique combination of thermal features, wildlife, and terrific trout fishing make any day on the Firehole a day to remember, but having the right flies for this river is crucial to fly fishing success. The warmer water temperature means the Firehole is home to some unique hatches, most notably the White Miller caddis, and its other more common hatches also happen a little earlier in the season for the same reason. This selection will have you fully prepared for your next spring trip to the Firehole, so you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and rising trout without having to worry about whether you’ll have the right flies.

This selection includes two each of the following dozen patterns, organized and labeled in a BRF fly box: Firehole PMD Sparkle Dun, PMD Cripple, Almost There Baetis, White Miller Razor Caddis, Tan Iris Caddis, Black X Caddis, White Miller Soft Hackle, Ephemerella Emerger, Peacock & Starling, Partridge & Orange, March Brown Spider, and Green Nick’s Soft Hackle.