BRF Fly Selection - Fall Runners — $74.99

We all love catching big fish, and there’s no better time to chase large browns and rainbows than September and October, when big fish begin their annual fall migration into the Madison, Gibbon, and Firehole in Yellowstone National Park. We’ve tried every fly you can imagine for these fickle fish, and we’ve put together some of our all-time favorites for the Fall Spawner selection. We’ve caught more fall fish on these flies than you can shake a stick at, and with this selection, you’ll be covered for whatever fall conditions you might run into.

This selection includes two each of the following dozen patterns, organized and labeled in a BRF fly box: Shakey Beeley, Full Dressed Red, Blew on Blue, Partridge & Ice, Baker’s Hole Soft Hackle, Sparkle Minnow, Baker’s Hole Bugger, Soft Hackle Streamer, Sculpzilla, Rubberleg Stonefly Nymph, $3 Dip, and Tungsten Devil Jig.