Weather, Water Conditions, & Fishing Report

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Fishing Report: 

May 25th, 2017

This morning, the Firehole rose to peak streamflow for the week. But it should settle down since temperatures will stay cool through this weekend and into next week. Though it's likely to stay tea-stained and high, fish should still rise to Pale Morning Duns, but probably only in prime dry fly water. We're seeing the beginnings of the White Miller hatch, also, Baetis will hatch here during foul weather. Soft hackles and streamers will be the most productive flies during these early season conditions. Drop in the shop and we'll get you set up with the right flies and send you on your way to some productive waters.

The Madison in the Park is likely to be in the same condition as the Firehole on Saturday. There may be some Pale Morning Dun or caddis fishing to be found, but nymph and streamer fishing will be the most efficient way of catching. The best opportunities for nymphing on this classic stretch of river can be found from Nine Mile Hole up to Madison Junction. If you're hoping for dry fly fishing, the Firehole should be your main focus.

The Madison below Quake is still running high since 1700 CFS are being released from Hebgen Dam. This means nymph and streamer fishing will be your best bet for consistent success. It's possible to find risers, but it's often in the evening, and always in the best possible dry fly water. A Rubberleg Stonefly and a Micro Mayfly make for a perfect rig while fishing the Madison this time of year.

Hebgen Lake has had loads of midges hatching when the wind lays down and the air warms up. During those calm, balmy moments, fish will be rising. Otherwise, a dry dropper or indicator set up will be the most effective way to catch fish. As well, you can sling leeches and have a great shot at catching a big brown. If you're in town before the opener, and the wind is down, definitely do some fishing on Hebgen.

Cliff and Wade Lakes have provided consistent leech fishing. The midge fishing has been hit or miss, mostly due to gusty days. The Callibaetis are not quite fired up yet, but they should be soon.

April 6th, 2017

The Madison below Quake Lake has produced some fine fishing on warm afternoons. Midges will be emerging, and good casts will easily hook enough fish to make for a good day. Skittering Zelon Midges, Zelon Midges and Griffith's Gnats will all be sufficient patterns for imitating the naturals. Land a few beauties, and soak up the aura of early spring.

The Madison in Between the Lakes will be best fished with nymphs. Aaron's Half Pint, Serendipities and other midge imitations will all take fish. Be sure to get your flies down deep and fish them drag free. Loads of rainbows will be on redds in this stretch soon, if you're fishing here, step with caution.

If you're jonesing for some fishing, but can't go too far from Bozeman, check out the Gallatin. A deep-dredged Rubberlegs paired with a pheasant tail should bring you some healthy early season trout. Wade with caution though. The Gallatin be slippery, and that water be cold.

As always in the spring, please remember that rainbows are spawning in all area rivers, so be sure not to bother any actively spawning fish to make certain that our trout populations continue to thrive.