Weather, Water Conditions, & Fishing Report

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Fishing Report: 

June 28th, 2018

Looks as if we have another cold front moving through starting tomorrow which will bring the predicted high here in West Yellowstone down to a predicted 56 degrees.  This is good news for the Firehole River which has still been fishing well and should continue for at least another week until we start heating up. PMD's and White Miller's are still the main hatches here and Starling & Peacock, PT and Nick's Brown soft hackles all continue to take fish here.  The days for the Firehole are numbered so if you want to fish this river one more time before it get's to warm now is the time.

The Gibbon River below the falls has also fished well over the past week and attractor patterns like Royal Trudes, Parachute Adams and Stimulators with a Pheasant Tail Dropper have been the way to go here. Also there are a few Salmon flies still hanging around the falls area!

We have had some good fishing on Hebgen Lake and the anglers that are having the most success are using Chironomid techniques in about 8-12 feet of water.  The dry fly fishing seems to be getting better and better everyday and at times we have had very good emergences of Callibaetis.

The Gallatin River is starting to show signs of some good fishing to come and Salmonflies, golden stones and caddis are all starting to move around.  The Taylors Fork is clearing but still is off color and cold.  Above the Taylors Fork is clear and very fishable but if you are heading this way be sure to hit it in the afternoon hours to let this section heat up.

Slough, Lamar & Soda Butte are still out of the picture for a little while.

IT"S TIME.....The fishing on the Madison has been very good and we are seeing Caddis, PMD's, Yellow Sally's, Golden Stones and yes Salmon flies. Tan X-Caddis #16-14, Jakes Yellow Sally, PMX #12, Sunken Stones #8 Jake's Hot Cake Salmonfly, PMD Sparkle Dun #16 are just a few of the flies that you'll want with you to keep up with all the insects that are coming off on the Madison. The big bugs have started their way up from Ennis and last report was they were up to about Varney Bridge.  The weather the next day or two will most likely slow this hatch down just a bit but the Caddis and PMD's will be well worth fishing during this short cold snap.  As Craig mentioned the evening Caddis are just getting started and I think this will be one of the best Caddis years that we have seen in a long, long time.