Tenkara fishing can be summed in one word, simplicity. A telescoping rod without guids or reels allows for some amazing drag free drifts with nymphs or dry flies. Tenakra roots began in Japan over a 100 years ago and was first observed by a westerener in the late 1800's, a British diplomat named Ernest Satow (for a little more information on his recordings visit here). More recently, Craig began fishing these rods with good friend and cofounder of 1% for the Planet Yvon Chouinard about four years ago and been fishing them full steam ever since. These long rods are capable of  getting beautiful presentations in pockwaters and can reach over multiple currents. There Ideal for small streams but are not restriced to skinny water. In fact, Craig has landed fish up to 23 inches on bigger waters. We are working on website dedicated to fishing tenkara in the Yellowstone area. So, look out for it and we'll keep you updated via our e-mail newsletter. Sign up for the Newsletter

In the meantime, get started with Tenkara.