New Fly Patterns - The Latest, Greatest, and Why!

Every year we bring you our "New Flies for The Year."

No other Blue Ribbon Flies Cataloge piece creates as much lively discussion, debate, excitement, or lobbying than this. If you're a fly-tier you know how satisfying it is to come up with a new pattern that works better than an old one. And an added bonus to a tier, is to create a new pattern with a new material. Our tiers are very creative and innovative, always trying to come up with a new fly, or using a new material to create a more effective fly pattern than the standard. Our fly tiers, guides, and shop employees all fish a lot. It pleases me to find Blue Ribbon people fishing every chance they get. Our crew loves to work on the "new-secret fly" that can't fail! Part of the fun is in testing new flies and that's what gets us fishing every day! The "new fly" process often begins with the failure of an old pattern to produce under demanding circumstances. Or when a "new" insect comes on to produce a good rise of trout. For instance, the past few summers on the Madison we have seen tremendous Epeorous mayfly emergences and spinner falls; mayfly activity we'd not seen with such intensity before on this river. We've had to come up with an emerger since this mayfly emerges subsurface and larger trout often prefer a fly fished under the surface. The same can be said for our Little Black X Caddis and pupa flies.

Now not all our "new flies" are listed under the "New Flies for 2005" section. This is due to our attempting to limit each year's new patterns. For you see, the 6 or so new flies we feature each year come from a field of twenty to thirty patterns presented every fall for consideration to the "new fly" list! This is where all the discussion, debate, and lobbying we mentioned above comes in. And, all our featured "New Flies" are tied right here at Blue Ribbon! We love to get your feedback on how our flies work for you too!