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Protecting Montana’s Trout Streams

This could be the best insurance you can buy to protect trout habitat. Don't Let Montana's Fishing Heritage Slip Away Today every major trout stream in the state is threatened by the destructive forces of residential subdivision, de-watering, and poor land use practices. Unless we act now, Montana's fishing heritage may become only a memory

We're Protecting Crucial Watersheds

The Montana Nature Conservancy has a proven record for protecting critical fish and wildlife habitat - from the grizzly to the grayling. The Montana Nature Conservancy has protected over 276,000 acres of natural habitat, including over 100 miles of streambank along Montana's legendary rivers - the Madison, Yellowstone, Gallatin, Missouri, Blackfoot and Big Hole.

The Way We Work is Simple

We identify lands that are vital for the health of the watershed. We work cooperatively with landowners, anglers, and others to protect these lands through permanent easements or by buying the land outright. Then we manage the land to keep the watershed healthy.

Insurance for the Future

Your best insurance is to support the work of The Montana Nature Conservancy. Through your tax-deductible donation you become a member of the Friends of Montana, a national network of people who love Montana and want to keep it special - for our children and their children.

Yes, I want to help protect Montana's unique trout streams and watersheds. Enclosed is my contribution to become a member of the Friends of Montana.

$100 minimum for Friends of Montana.

Please make checks payable to The Montana Nature Conservancy

Contributions are tax deductible

The Montana Nature Conservancy
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