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Kirk Belding, a potter and Bozeman native, has been creating with clay since the early 1990s. He developed a line of trout inspired pottery while going to school at Montana State University. With the success of his trout design, he decided to leave the food service and construction industry and start his own pottery studio.

In 1997, Kirk began his current business adventure in Virginia City, Montana. As he was looking for a retail location in this quaint historic gold mining town, he found Bob's Place, which at the time was a bar without a liquor license. This became his new retail space, and home of the Amazing Bob's Place Pizza! So here is the full circle enterprise of Kirk Belding Pottery. Depending on the time of year, you will find Kirk shaping clay or pizza dough and bringing about works of art! 

So now for the science of the art, straight from Kirk himself...

The salt firing process:
In a self-made brick kiln, the propane torches are lit. Pieces undergo 16 hours of firing time at high fire temperature (2300 F). Then salt is introduced through ports in the kiln, and the flames carry the salt throughout the kiln where it melts on the art, resulting in a unique surface texture and coloring to each piece. So even with the same glaze, each piece has its own unique finish depending on the placement of the piece in the kiln, making each creation one of a kind!

All of Kirk's work is individually formed using a potter's wheel and a hand building process. Always Montana made with an exceptional, out of the ordinary style.

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