Greybull River Panorama

Photo by Patrick Daigle

Blue Ribbon guide Patrick Daigle and the gang just returned from another great Greybull river horse pack trip. If you are curious what the Greybull country looks like, Patrick took this awesome panoramic photo which shows over three miles of the river valley. The cutthroat fishing was excellent again this year, and as a bonus, the group got to witness the recent solar eclipse as well. Stay tuned to this blog or to our weekly email newsletter for next year's trip dates!

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New in Stock: Fly Fishing Montana by John Holt

This is one of the most comprehensive guide books we've seen, and it covers nearly every water in the state. If you're in need of some guidance on fishing destinations, be sure to stop by and pick up a copy, or check it out HERE.

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Where Dream Conquers Reality

Where Dream Conquers Reality

A photo from the Gallatin drainage by Peter Scorzetti.

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Fly of the Week: Longhorn Beetle

Photo by John Juracek

The Longhorn Beetle has been a favorite terrestrial pattern of ours for years now. The fly is the perfect size to provide a substantial meal for a trout, yet the profile is just different enough to convince a trout that's seen a million hoppers to take. Cutthroat love it, but don't sleep on it for big browns and rainbows, either. 

A note about tying the Longhorn Beetle: the foam Tiger Strips that we have long tied this fly with are unfortunately no longer commercially available. These strips function primarily to make the fly more visible, but we've found that they aren't really necessary to the fly's success. So if you don't have any Tiger Strips handy, simply substitute solid black fly foam and tie a nice, tall deer hair wing on top for visibility. 


Hook: Dai Riki 280 or Tiemco 2312 Size 10

Thread: Black 6/0 Danville

Body: Longhorn Zelon Dubbing and Black 2mm Fly Foam

Legs: Black Medium Round Rubber Legs

Wing: Bleached X Caddis Deer Hair

Antenna: Black Krystal Flash

For tying instructions, check out our video of Bucky tying this fly HERE.

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Big Fish Like Big Bugs

It's been a good year for big bug hatches, with plenty of salmonflies, golden stones, and drakes around to get the big boys feeding. This beautiful brown was caught recently on a green drake by our own Peter Scorzetti. 

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